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It’s time for the 7th annual
Geocacher Enough? Road Rally Event!

Are You Geocacher Enough?  

June 21st-22nd, 2014


Are you prepared to prove that you are Geocacher Enough?

If you think you are, then you can do just that at the 2014 Road Rally!

We’ll be bringing you back into the heart of Northern Michigan with new trails, new caches and more Road Rally Fun!!! This is what Geocaching is all about right here. Whether you drive a Jeep or a Volvo, there’s great caching for all to be had. We’ll be showing you the great caching Northern Michigan has for you to enjoy through our specially designed Road Rally game.  

So get a life and Rally On!

The Rally portion of the event will kick off Saturday morning at 9:00 AM at the Roscommon County Fire Training Grounds.  You’ll have a about 25 hours to complete the Rally and meet back up at the  grounds by noon on Sunday when we’ll do prize drawings and announcements.  

Think you can handle it?

Camping will be available Thursday through Sunday Afternoon Free!
We’ll once again be using the Roscommon County Fire Training Grounds. There’ll be power and water on site!  (Sorry no showers) 

In true AYGE? fashion, camping is frist come, first served.  Quiet areas and maps of the grounds will be available

Check out our web site and our Facebook Page for more info, swag and the most up to the minute updates.

Come on out, rain or shine, for some of the best caching in  Michigan and the time of your life!

Interested in helping out?  We could really use prize donations. So feel free to bring a prize of your choice to throw on the prize table.

Drop us a line at with questions


Interested in helping out?

We’ll be looking for event staff as well as

donations for the prize table

Drop us a line at

For the most up to the minute updates, follow us on Facebook or Twitter



16 Responses to Welcome

  1. Liteoncache

    I’m likin’ the facelift on the website!!  Good job, Monica!!  =]

  2. Gary Alsip Jr.

    I agree, VERY nice Monica!!!!  Cannot wait for RALLY!!!!

  3. TeamEccs21

    Got our cache assistance donation in…Not sure if we can make it this year but want to help out.

  4. Monica

    Thanks guys, it has been fun playing with it

  5. Lee Groeneweg

    Did you know that this also happens to be WWFM IX day as well? 

    Too bad they want everyone to “Flash” at 1pm… we will all be out on Northern MI’s backroads at that time.

    Also, wanted to mention for all of you Pathtag junkies out there… can order a tag with a special “AYGE” Give Back tag back.

  6. Jason Vanacker

    Thanks Lee, I think Geo-Trails and MBoensh are working up details to try and post an WWFM event somewhere on the rally route.  Might be able to squeeze in an extra event smile!

  7. Teameccs21

    Ordered shirts and tags. We won’t be able to make it this year…attending a wedding in New Jersey that weekend. We’ll make arrangements with someone to pick up our swag.
    Hope you have a great Rally!

  8. Lee Groeneweg

    Can you post a real picture of the ROAD RALLY shirt on the “Swag” page? 

  9. The Wandering Wierdos

    How can I find out if I have already ordered Swag?

  10. Jason Vanacker

    I can check on your swag if you can give me your paypal email.  Just email it to the address.

  11. Will Brown

    I don’t think the link to register for camping is working.

  12. Lee Groeneweg

    Road Rally 2012 now over. Time to start the clock on next year’s event.

    12″ of rubber hose to “patch” transmission line – $1.29
    Hose clamps (qty8 to be safe) – #1.49 each
    Having friends to tow you back to camp, then make sacrifices so you can finish the rally – PRICELESS

    There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.

  13. Lee Groeneweg

    Here are links to some video of the 2012 AYGE Road Rally event: and – see everyone in 2013!

  14. FaxFam

    Soo close to Rally ’13. We were at the rally in 11 and had a blast. Looking forward to this year!

  15. sandyd

    What fun we had today and we can do more tomorrow! Just have to quit half way and 90 miles into this adventure Got mud on the Jeep so all is good

  16. FaxFam

    Counting down the days even though there are 2 trips before this one. This is the trip that’s getting my countdown. Here’s hoping for more mud this year.

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